MakeX 3D Printing for Jewelry

Digital Design

Consistent and symmetrical pieces made with a wide variety of resin into detailed wax models by using CAD software for jewelry design and printing with M-Jewelry.

Advanced prototype using
precise technology

Incorporating M-Jewelry along with the help of CAD software in the computer to draw a three-dimensional model, the software data can directly input a 1: 1 data output, providing detail and accuracy of the jewelry designed.

Multi-Layer Printing

The unique technique for multi-layer printing allows designers to print multiple models on top of each other. M-Jewelry shortens the distance between design to allow maximum production along with its high-speed printing process, accuracy and surface finish.

Ultra-high Accuracy

M-Jewelry’s ultra-high precision is meticulously detailed. This technology ensures clean burnout and the smooth surfaces on every piece.

XY resolution 33 μm
Layer thickness 5 μm

Multi-machine Synchronous

Control multiple printers through a computer and easily create a personal printing factory.

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